This is a selection of personal favorites of mine (for those who don't have the time or inclination to dig through the stacks). The pieces are from the two most recent book projects and then a selection of miscellaneous works from other books, commissions, etc.

Selected book covers. The full Book Covers set is a collection of 40 images depicting some of the greatest stories of our times.

Book Sample

  Artist Television Embarrass Biographer Nature  
Club  Youth Cool Death Kittens
Fears Selected letters from an Alphabet book. Each letter depicts a fear or a potential danger that we deal with every day...
Boldness   Greedy   Unknown Willy Youth
Miscellaneous Selected pieces from the Miscommunications book, the Portraiture series, and other odds and ends...

  Domestic Theater Theater Tree Free  
  Thief Cover Dead Eyes Dogs  

  Guenons What We Want Fake It Graffiti Guys Quick!  


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